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Hi crew ,I was wondering if anyone has used or has a Arizer Air 2 ,As I was trying to avoid not having to pay for a new Hybred volcano vape cost around the $950.00 price mark.I was looking at the Arizer air 2 as you can use smaller amounts of weed in it as to the volcano vape.


I know with the new volcano you can get a smaller chamber to heat the herb is it all comes down to the cost to medicate as the Bedrocan cost quite a bit .


I my self find it hard to beat the good old volcano vaporizer,I have had this old volcano from when they first came out many years ago now an it is still working ,But I need an up grade so I don't use as muck weed in the head chamber.





Sorry about the mistake with the spelling of the header ,it should have been The Arizer Air 2   { not the Arizer Ari 2.}

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I’ve only ever had the one vape ( arizer air 2 ) so I can’t really tell you how they compare to others........but to be honest I didn’t really rate it. Bowl is tiny. Not much vape smoke to be had and the Arizer itself lasted all of 3 weeks before it shat itself.......hurled into the garden in disgust.

Maybe I just had a dud unit. Dunno. It was a year or two back,

Would be interesting to hear other people’s experiences with them also.


Maybe they are more reliable these days.

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portables like the solo and air can produce very satisfactory results with care and good technique, but they just cannot hit like a desktop because of the difference in power input to the heater - the battery is puny compared to a wall wart and many are disappointed at first - it's a price you pay for portability.


A log like the underdog is what you probably want if you plan on being medicated most of the day, or an EQ with decent glassware.


Springing close to a grand on a volcano might work well for all I know  - never seen one; but I own lots of solos, an air, 2 EQs and now an underdog.

For a quick hit before a walk, the EQ is great - 10 minutes from stone cold to medicated. When I do get out, the air works fine for a top up. If I'm home for the day, the dog gets a run.


I don't think there's one vaporiser to rule them all - most of us have variable needs - but if you are an old combuster, a desktop will generally blow any battery operated device away.

For real die-hard smokers, the hit from a dynavap is as close as you'll get according to those who love them - but I don't own one so can't recommend a butane torch operated vape - but that could be what you seek...

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Hey mate I’ve tried all of the vapes, used to do reviews and have used all the Arizer, all Storz & Bickel, DynaVap, DaVinci, Pax, hundreds more.


In my opinion, if you are looking to upgrade from the Volcano I would recommend the Arizer Extreme Q. Like the Volcano it is an desktop vaporiser and comes with dual bag and whip function. So you can use your bags/balloons like the volcano but also hit like a portable vape using the whip.


It is like $250 and comparable to the volcano I fail to see any difference besides perhaps the most marginal difference in vapour quality with the Cano’ just edging out.


Extreme Q definitely uses less herb too. If you are happy with using a desktop vape save the $600 and go with the Extreme Q and with your savings you can even pick up an Air on the side for portable use and still come out cheaper than the Volcano.


I myself use the Crafty, the Sticky Brick and the DynaVap mostly.


Cheers mate and all the best sing out if you need any more info.



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