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veg time with outdoors in pots

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So I've been doing a lot of research, mainly on this site and a small amount on others and most people who are growing indoors veg their plants for around 2 months. Then I stumbled upon this thread here and people were saying the longer you veg, the bigger the plant. Sounds obvious but then it reminded me that I saw a site the other day that said we don't get 12 hour light days until around March/April and that means that my plants would have vegged for 4 months.


I'm willing to go up to 52L pots if they need it, I don't mind but if that's the case and these are going to be quite large plants then it seems that I may have to do some training on them early on and throughout their grow so they're not as tall as they would normally be but still as strong as they should be.


Are my numbers correct, or am I misreading it? Maybe the other site is wrong?


Can I please get some advice from other people who have grown in pots outdoors in Canberra/Sydney, etc?

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Canberra sunrise & sunset times including civil twilight times  https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/australia/canberra?month=2&year=2001

not allot of diff in times from Melb to Canberra 


flower kicks in roughly , depending on the cultivar , around Feb in melb outdoors

the plant does not need exactly 12 hours of darkness to trigger flowering , this is just something 

done indoors , if you were to switch a plant indoors from 18hrs of light to 13hrs of light , flowering 

generally would still be triggered 


generally harvest is between end of April to end of May & beyond depending on the cultivar = some can flower longer than others 

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Okay thanks, it seems that the other site may've been a little bit off but from what you're saying that still means I'd be getting around 3 months veg maybe close to 4 so it sounds like a may eventually have to get a 52L pot.


I suppose I'll have to check the root base around that time and if they need repottting then that's what will happen.


I've been reading a lot on this site over the past few weeks and you seem pretty damn knowledgeable so, cheers.

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