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Coco nutrients in soil

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Thanks for reply yes I understand Coco needs feeding constantly,,,but if you do have leftover cocoa fit is it OK to use it in soil

I'm trailing a 30%coco, to soil mix and seems ok , so far.

Yanks are doing it in some grow diaries, noticed your feedings are heavier than in just plain soil. Using amendnt s and treating the medium like an organic medium top dressing wise and watering, nil to little run off. Just waiting for something to go wrong from here in ...

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I see no reason why you can't but a few reasons to be cautious.


What's being conveyed is that soil has a high cation exchange ratio. To keep it simple, the particles in soil are negatively charged and attract positively charged particles from the nutrients. Different media have different exchange ratios with soils and compost having many more negatively charged sites than coco coir. Thus these mediums can hold many more nutrients and can't be flushed out with water.


Hydroponic mediums are inert and have little to no cation exchange sites. Thus everything the plant gets is contained in the nutrient solution and not within the medium itself.


The only real difference seems to be that hydro nutrients are somewhat buffered for pH. If you wanted to use them I'd consider weekly feeds and take it from there, particularly if you're confident enough to pick up problems before they become problems.

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