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Yantra fucked me

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150$ in seeds all seeds came in mail no problems

Upon opening packaging noticed all the seeds were white i didnt take any concern

All seeds germinated perfect but never got past their first single jagged edge leafs and staid the same for over a month whilst my bag seeds iv collected and planted a few at the same time have flourished while yantra’s stayed dormant

Personally i think i got sold hand picked shit seeds

Same feed same medium same germination technique same tent ffs everythings the same

Couple days after I bought the seeds i went back online to yantra’s site (during the rona virus) all of yantras stock became out of stock i i blamed rona virus now im thinking these mofos hussled me cause im a first time buyer i dont know either way that’s my spill if anyone knows of reliable seeds banks in aus please feel free to comment if someone has had a good experience thru yantra please comment also if you think its me haha say so


Peace out



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No excuse for selling pale immature Seeds...Did you get a Photo of the Seeds.

Personally I would've only put them in a return envelope


You would never get pale shitty seeds from a personal grower...Its just too fucking embarassing to even give them away!

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i wonder if its bad quality control, say 95 % seeds that were bred out for seed stock that was mature and ripe, yet 5% say the lower stems didnt receive enough light to mature and were still picked with the mature lot, which could contribute to bad genetics etc i figure. not like i have any idea just wrapping my head around it 

this was my concern as i have at least a similar amount for yantra bred seed, haven't popped any yet. 

have heard of good grows with yantra breed seeds from another member at least.

so is this a common trait with immature seeds that they sprout and die weeks/ days later or just no vigor in growth ? 

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