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Buffering Brick Coco

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If you are buying bagged or dry coco from Hydro store, you don't need to flush or buffer. If you are buying bricked coco from bunnings I would flush and buffer, as Coco naturally has a High salinity, it has a preferential CEC meaning it is chock full of potassium chloride naturally. Buffer removes the potaassium chloride and fills it with calcium. 


When I was treating my own coco I made the buffering mix from Cal nitrate, mag nitrate, mag sulphate and chelated iron.


So using cal mag, should be fine.

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I get the HyGen bricked coco - makes approx 70L after ya hydrate it . Comes pre buffered they say . 1/4 the cost of buying the 3L bags and a lot easier to transport at about 50x50cm block 150mm thick .

I buy a 100L bag of perlite and mix that through at 30% perlite .

I have a big 160L tub at home and throw it into that with warm water to mix it all up then add the perlite .

Does the trick for me .



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Yeh, why i stopped using cheaper coco from bunnings. Unless you need thousands and thousands of litres it's just easier to buy pre buffered and flushed stuff from a hydro store. I mean even bunnings have PineGro branded 30l bags of pre buffered and flushed coco as well. 12$ for 30L is on point with hydro store prices too tad cheaper.

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