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I'm interested in growing shrooms (for research purposes only lol ) and i'm wondering what the laws are and if i'm able to order grow kits from overseas or if there are any suppliers in Australia? I'm in Perth, and if anyone has any information on the laws or even the availability of shrooms here, PM me or post here as it would be greatly appreciated.





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there is zero tollerance for the cultivation of what are commonly called

" magic mushrooms " In australia no matter where you are , the only instance in which these may be studied is in there spore state, and that has only been left open to allow mycology related reaserch


So as far as the law goes if you choose to grow your looking at pretty hefty punishments and can potentially be looking at 15 years easy which is more severe that most comercial marijuana grows


Imo tread lightly , and understand what your getting into Mushrooms are great fun and very interesting to study but you need to understand the severety of what your doing

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just a quick question-


Is only the top useful??

reason I ask is I had some mushrooms come up in my front yard, I didnt kill them and planned to show them here to see what they were.

Well I get up this morning and all of the tops are gone, but the stalks are still there.

I think someone pinched them as theres no sign of animals and the stalks are full not broken or anything??

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" magic mushrooms " In australia no matter where you are


THis is bullshit about no matter where you are

in australia they fuck all of us stupid laws damn what the hell do they care if we smoke dope or eat mushrooms who the hell cares it's our fucking live not theirs

But I'm from holland, the netherlands, amsterdam whatever you wanne call it

and overthere you can buy Magic mushrooms when your 16

and weed when your 18 like anyone waits untill he is that old btw

should be able to order from holland just look on internet for dutch mushrooms


i started smoking ect when i was 12 i know kids what smoke pot at a age of 9

must be here to cause the new law selling to under 18 getting 9 years of jail damn

what the hell do you get if you murder someone overhere

in holland u comitted murder for that kind of jail time


If any 1 wonders why the hell i'm here good point i'm going back next year

sick of all the bad weed in this fucked up country.........

will come back when they LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the dealers here damn what kind of dealer hasn't any dope.......


When i was a drugs dealer i always had something back in holland i aint now.....

just a hardworking smoker who wants to relax at nights after working.......

i don't like achol like the goverments drinks when they get home


Govenment Can't Stop anyone smoking they can stop the sneaking around and make money theirself LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps does't yoint adventure in the city perth know anything about mushrooms?

i never asked but i have tripped enough :rolleyes: for now

wait for the good stuff back in holland if it is like the weed overhere bad growers....

should start myself but don't wanne go to jail for it overhere....


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If any 1 wonders why the hell i'm here good point i'm going back next year

sick of all the bad weed in this fucked up country.........

If you want a donation to return a bit earlier, let me know.A bit of racist huh?



I don't need any donations but better weed


depends on how large the donation is ,u a richman?

donation like 10.000 would be nice

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If the stems were blue where the tops had been pulled off, they were the goods. Another thing to look for is a skirt that runs around the stem just below the top. Those two and your cookin or trippin should I say! Just crush the stem with your fingers and a bluey coloured dye will seep out the cracks.


And just one on a full moon will change your outlook on life?

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