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Fungus gnat predator mites !

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Hey crew

Thought I’d give some info back to the group since I’m always asking questions and not the best grower so can’t give a lot back to the community


I’ve been using Bugs For Bugs To obtain Californicus predator mites for the control / prevention of spider mites each grow ....

Just got an email which they’ve now researched and released to the public for mites that control fungus gnats

Check it out if ya interested







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yeah jim i got that email too 


they have added hypoaspis miles to there predator bug list 

these guys seem to be the go to bug with US growers 


great post mate  


& anyone thinking of using any of these bugs , don't wait till your infested 

with bugs , be proactive & use them early especially if you've had probs with

gnats or whatever bug in previous grows , get in early 


on ya jimbo 

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Don't the bugs just die out if they don't have anything to eat?

so when you reckon good timing is to use them frank 


this from bug for bugs website about hypoaspis miles 


Before release

It is always good to establish beneficial insects and mites early before pest problems develop.  Start your release program at (or preferably before) the first

hint of fungus gnats.  Close monitoring is advised to determine frequency and numbers for follow up releases if required.

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