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Bunnings soil what to do..plzhelp

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Got a Barneys farm fem lemon haze seed. Germinated perfect it's currently in paper towel for one more day..then what should I transfer it to...a Link to a step by step would be good or personal.


Heard premium soul in a big pit and go from there and mix in 30 percent perlite to 70 soil? What soil is best from bunnings. And yeah from germinating what should I do. Cheers guys :)


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If you're going organic, and plan to use Bunnings soil, cheap is shit just like everything. If you don't want to be using liquid ferti's you'll want to grab bags of poo etc to add. I've never used but just trying to be more helpful then read a book hahaha but seriously, doesn't take long to do a search on this site and start reading, this topic has been covered numerous times.. no bookshit, I mean bullshit
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Debco organic, sieve the bark out, mix with perlite and flush well with water.


Plant up, and feed with GoGo juice, Charlie Carp or Seasol when it needs it.






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Debco organic aymt bunnings? Will deffs soft through it. And perlite what kind from bunnings?


Cheers heaps hey this is what I needed to hear


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