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I have the flower mate mini. Not sure what the nano is but the mini might suit you

I've been looking at a few Flowermate vapes. I'd like to find a very discrete looking vape. Something that could easily be passed off as a nicotine vape. Also want something with pods that I can prefill with dried herb, so I don't have to carry much in my pockets. A couple of my favorite pubs look the other way when joints are passed around, but I cough big time because I'm accustomed to vapes. Do you reckon the FM Nano would fit my use? FM has quite a few that might...

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I did try the capsules but just be aware the chamber is average size at best. Either that or i grow bad weed or have built up a tolerance (probs both!). The capsules are OK. Def stealthy. You'd prob just be better off carrying a small bag and refilling normally. But in saying that, yes I've used the caps and they are OK. They try to get you to buy the grinder too. Don't. It's OK but not great. The grinder has a special boke/outlet to fill the capsules (2 capsules can be placed under the grinder chamber to fill). But being plastic, the grinder only lasts a while. Mines broken after 1 year.


I belive the Nano is very similar to the Mini. A touch smaller and some updated features. Do you ever use the dry herb capsules? I believe you need to run it a bit hotter, but I can work with that....

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I had a lot of different vape mods and atomizers. Now I use a Primo Mini because I think this is the best mod. It is very comfortable, small, has one battery and also it has a big button and also a very big screen. I use it with Berserker MTL RTA. I chose this atomizer because I like to smoke cigarette atomizers and tobacco liquids. The taste is very good especially when you vape something from fruits or cakes. I use to smoke more tobacco liquids but sometimes when I am in a good emotional state I can smoke a weed vaporizer, it helps me to relax and end my day.

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