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The Truth About Medical Marijuana


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The A.C.T is federal


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Look specifically at Governance. The old power of simple Veto has gone but,the Federal Government can still over rule any Enactment of the ACT with a Majority vote in both Houses of the Federal Government.




The Liberals are dead set against the Enactment. Whether they would be willing to take this on Federally with an Election coming up is another thing. The ACT Enactment, if passed, could become a National issue. The Liberals might be willing to drag this into a National Election, probably depends on the Liberal strategists and which way they believe the wind is blowing. After a Federal Election, who knows?

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Herbal medicine are more likely be the choice of many now a days specially prescription drugs are not only  over the top when it come to price but I also kills your liver along the way. Had a lot of experience with medical cannabis since it's working for me. I learn a  lot from this website https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/pop-rox. That different strains of cannabis was a use for each  diseases. 

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