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The Truth About Medical Marijuana


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Just finished watching an absolute ball tearer of an Australian Documentary on Netflix.


A Life of it's Own

The Truth About Medical Marijuana


It seems that Israel is the most liberal and best informed country on the planet about Marijuana. It has been studied without prejudice or stigma since the 1960's.


It also looks at how perceptions and usage has changed in Australia(we still have a long way to go) in recent years. In the words of Dan Haslam's Mum,"We have been lied to about Marijuana"


This Doco is well worth the look for a view.

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Still, her statement is worth a ton of gold. It has to start people thinking about what and which lies have been told.


It comes down to one of the facts, that good old USgay is one of the primary reasons that positive studies have been stymied world wide.


You only have to look at the threats and what the USgay did to Portugal when they decriminalised drugs. Instead of spending a fortune policing and prosecuting drugs, Portugal spent their money on education and rehabilitation, which is working.


We are fighting nearly 100 years of bullshit propagated by the USgay. Their war on drugs is a total failure, driven by stigma and ignorance.

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Yes and her statement is 100% correct. Unfortunately Lucy and her organisation United In Compassion are now only continuing the lies by promoting Pharma company cannabis as being the only "safe" form of medical cannabis which is why many who used to support them are now starting to call them United In Corporation instead.

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