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Female Spray

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I did'nt have much luck with La Femme but using the Dutch Master Femminizer in conjunction with the Dutch Master Penetrator all worked out well. The five males i used it on changed to females within a five week period.


The Penetrator unlocks the gates of the cuticle on the leaf surface which allows the Feminiser into the plants system


Foliar spray and then repeat two weeks later. I should have (hindsight) cloned from the five males after they turned to see if the change was permanent.


With your one plant, using these products could be cost prohibitive as they both come in 1litre containers.

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Hey OzStoners,I would Say I have to agree with Tom's Statement on getting clones,I have tried La-Femme Myself and got mainly males from seed then i just changed thinking and started growing from Known Female clones and the results have meant no worrying about males and just nice females to concentrate resources on.lol Edited by DrGreen
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g'day; best method of gettin fem is to grow minimum 2 plants.

i grew males and hermies for 4 consecutive years until a friend suggested i grow 2 near each other, i grew 1 male 1 fem.i think they like company;)

1 plant by itself has good chance of being hermie or male.

Bonza Bud is good product that can help increase chance of fems, i use it often...warning: never use bonza bud on mother plant, clones wont root.

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