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First grow ever

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Hi all.


I live 1 hour south of Sydney and i'm very new to cannabis plant growing. I want to grow my own plants so I can make my own cannabutter to be used in recipes.


I bought some autoflowering seeds (AK47 and Amnesia) from ILGM and they arrived very quick and planted them the last few days in March 2018. The plants sprouted and got to about 3 inches tall and they suffered some wind damage. I'm not sure if they will make it as the stem bent and creased/kinked. I have re-potted them in vegetable soil (Bunnings purchase) and bought a little greenhouse and they now live outside.


Just wondering if it is too cold for the baby plants to survive as we are in the cool temperature nights? They are in the little 2 shelf greenhouse which is zipped up during the night.


I'll send through some picks in the next few days.


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Without knowing too much more I think they'll survive but your yeild won't be great. You've got a few things going against you - temp, no time to recover from the damage as they're autos, and decreasing daylight hours. Some pics as you suggested would be good. If you can get a light to them at night (meaning you'll need to go indoors for evenings if practical, could help things.



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i would bring em inside if u can under some cfl's or +5's

for abou+ 3 weeks or 3 se+s of nodes

migh+ be ok where u go+ em, bu+ if u s+ress au+os when small, u'll suffer 4 amoun+ of buds

i know au+os spossed 2 be ok all mon+hs, bu+ usualli in qld (ou+doors)

u picked bad +ime 2 germ specialee on s+h coas+

s+ranger +hings have happened so if u can keep em warm and don+ overwa+er, u never know


wish u heaps of luck

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Thanks all for your replies.


Yeh, after some reading I now realise I planted them too late.


Oh well. We live and we learn I guess. I'll keep them in the little greenhouse I bought from bunnings and I have a round chinese food container over the plant so it keeps the humidity and temp up during the day.




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