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chopper fly overs

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Hello fellow tokers,


First post in a couple years, tried to find a thread about this but everything is from a while ago.


My question is does anyone have any knowledge as to how the logistics of a copper chopper operation goes down? (In NSW to be more specific)

I was told that they usually only do 1 or 2 fly overs per year because of the cost of such a operation. Is this correct? Assuming they have not been tipped off to a huge crop worth busting of course. My apologies if this has already been covered, looking into it online most of it applies more to America.


Anyways it's starting to get that time of year again stay safe fellow travelers never get sloppy!


the more info the better. :) :)










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don'+ ge+ me going on choppers

if i+ ain'+ choppers i+'s bloodi drones

if u happen 2 have one buzzin around,(above) ure house wi+h no ligh+s or beacons

+hen expec+ a visi+

don'+ know wha+ sor+a +ech used,i was'n+ ven+ing or had ligh+s on so doub+ if f.l.i.r woulda helped em


blacked ou+ choppers, so no+ mi fav subjec+

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I use a drone at work.


It can only fly up to around 25 minutes at a time but only need to land it swap a battery and go again, but it can cover quite a lot of ground in that time. It can travel up to 80km/hr and I can fly up to 7kms away under ideal conditions.


It captures Full HD video and can be equipped with any number of other devices, Infra red etc. I’ve even heard of agricultural uses which can identify plant health etc. so it’s not unreasonable to suspect that they could be used to specifically identify cannabis when flying large areas.


I’m surprised the police don’t operate them. Or operate more of them if they already do.

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I’m surprised the police don’t operate them. Or operate more of them if they already do.


They do already for overhead view of where serious crimes have taken place. The Firies have them as well for suspected arson cases, as well as looking for hot spots still remaining on big jobs (infrared).

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