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Sampling during grow.

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Just wondering if anyone picks growing tips and quick dries some for a sampling during their grow.


I can swear I read this Mel Frank Ed Rosenthal book where it advised actually using the growing tips as your grow progressed.


I personally remember growing tips off a wild sativa in the 90s that was microwave dried absolutley blowing my socks off.


Anyone do this to assess potency to pick a clone mother etc?

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The few strains I've grown change a lot as they mature so the effects will depend on when they're sampled.


Knowing nothing, I took weekly samples after 70 days from my sativa bag seed first grow - now I know I like them best around 10-12 weeks so that's when I'll harvest clones.


I think sampling is a really good idea unless you already know what the best harvest time is for you for the plant you have. Not sure what harm it can do - you still get the weed but some will have been immature. It still works.

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Cannabis should never be microwaved the extreme heat microwaves produce destroys cannabinoids and terpenes and renders cannabis fucked


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As 'fucked' as the cannabinoids may be, it still gets you high.  The way you posted is as if it renders your weed useless - it does not.


Wrap a bud in a paper towel and then put that paper towel inside a Tupperware container, set your microwave on to it's lowest settings then nuke the package in five to 10 second intervals.  Check, repeat.


It's not glamorous, but it works and your weed will still get you high.

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Use to use this method, until I got my Extreme Q. Nowaday  just mull up the wet bud, vape it until a light tan colour, then smoke the remainder. That way you get to sample it with the two methods, and the double hit you get by doing that way.


Gave up the microwave method years ago. Gives me goosebumps now just thinking about how it use to taste.. :bleh:


Bush method was quite often done with a car that had been running recently. Usually find a warm spot around the exhaust manifold or radiator, watch and rotate so not to burn. :good:

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