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Good article but still doesnt go to address the inequity in the legal system based on the discretion of the Judge as to whether she/he will make your life a living HELL.


Next Monday will be my 6th day in court for growing a few plants for personal use - indeed the presecution only agrees it is for personal use BUT the judge has dragged every single aspect of my financial life through the courts trying to incriminate me and has still come up with nothing BUT shes not convinced and soon I will be facing 4000$ worth of fine and 3 months jail for a first time offence...for anything.


I have a medical report detailing the failing nature of my spinal column and how I will be in a wheelchair in the next few years. I have solid working history and have never been in trouble with the law. I dont have unexplained assets or live a lavish lifestyle. I dont deal drugs or give them away or swap them for people to do work around my home - all of which are indictable offences. With the 3 months worth of phonetaps on my phones there was NO eveidence of dealing, unusual phonecalls for short periods of time or excessive numbers of visitors for short periods.


So what have the police got? NOTHING..but do you think that makes it easy for me...NO. The Judge has been doing all the talking and the prescution has only said about 100 words in the last 5 episodes in court..the prosecution and police dont care..they know I am a "ma and pa" operation for personal use. Its all on the judge..and shes unfortunately a man hater. The complications have arisen as my partner was done at the same time and apon POLICE ADVISEMENT (huge fucking mistake) I took responsibility for her plants as well - which my lawyer informs me had it been a different judge would have been a GOOD thing for the police to do. Normally they would have just hit me with a higher fine such as 2 x 500$ fines. My lawyer said normally police DO NOT try to fuck you and they certainly didnt try to fuck me but the Judge is the one who has thrown the shit into the fan. What makes matters worse is that the Police have denied advising me that because they will end up with reprimands from the bosses if it was proved to be true...and it comes down to police word against mine...guess whose going to lose that one.


So...now Im extremely broke as the lawyer has cost me a fortune...and will have to go to high court...which is a lot more money which I can afford so we will more than likely have to sell our 12 year old car to pay for the lawyer and case and fine.


Oh for a defence fund....


Spare a thought for me my life has been a living HELL

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Cheers guys..yeh I rarely frequent anywhere on the net these days. To say I have been fucked over is probably the worst feeling and I think for the first 3 months I wish I had died...but since pulling my finger out Ive kind of reinvented myself setting up shop on ebay and doing quite well.


Its remarkable how one person can make your life hell because they can...If I had a criminal history that was as long as yer arms I could perhaps understand her goal of throwing me in jail but I have done nothing wrong...ever...and have never been in trouble with the law..although now my overseas travel, job applications and future in normal society is over. Im marked as a criminal for the rest of my life..SA doesnt have the law like some other states where your record is technically wiped after 2 years good behaviour...


Nice to see this place is looking good and is more user friendly


Take it easy and see ya soon

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Ebay is fun, I used to sell heaps of stuff online. Mainly rubbish that I had kicking around.

But I also started shopping at $2-00 shops. I brought some stuff for $2-00 that sold for $20-00 +, so I sent them 2 of whatever they won and always got good feedback :P.


I have around 150-200 points B).


You just have to be very careful how you bid on stuff, I was getting bad and buying shit that I didnt even want.


Also checkout BULK items etc.

There one lot of watches going for $20-00 it is watch and pen sets and 10 of them.

so to get you money back you only need to sell 2 of these items and the other 8 are profit. :P


Welcome back Quad!!

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how many plants did you get caught with ? was it a bit ? im thinking it cant be like 4 or something stupid can it ?


good to hear you didnt get any time . and dont worry about overseas travel, job applications and future in normal society . A minor cannibas conviction doesnt really mean much , ive got them youd be suprised how many do . Ive never had any issues with it in the last 10 years and I routinely have to get police clearences to work in the IT industry .


Travel is an issue , but most european countries and the US dont require a visa for austrialians for tourism so know one will ever know . Working overseas may be an issue but thats about it . Even then a working holiday visa to the EU for example would be no problem .

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