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Help me with LED pleease

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I'm noob to this, I bought a BOSSLED 800 watt grow led, it's a cheap Chinese one. Cost about 150

I have since heard that that probably wasn't the best thing to do. lol

I don't want to spend much and since I have already bought this led, I was wondering if I can use other smaller led bulbs to make up for how shit it is. I heard it has lots of red and boule but no uv. Can I just get a uv led lamp and put it next to it?

Im looking at growing 2 plants


Thanks for your help :)

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Hi there, your Chinese light will be fine for veg. You can flower with it too but it might not amaze you there - are you handy at all? You can modify Chinese lights really cheaply (40 or 50 bucks on cobs and an hour or 2 of your time wiring if you're new at it). If you look for the growmau5 vids on YouTube he converts a Mars unit and runs through the whole thing step by step.


I'd do this before cramming heaps of extra lights in your tent. Also be cautious with UV lamps. You don't need much if you have a dedicated lamp. Get decent glasses too. That shit will fry your eyes.

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HPS/MH is a good cheap alternative its very forgiving as in if u screw up along the way u will still harvest something, Mar hydro II lights are good but not exactly cheap, cobs i would chose last they cost a fortune once u add everything up 4 cobs have set me back about $600 buying it over 3 orders with 1 bummed cooling fan

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