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GBG is back! 16/17 quick update.

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Hey fellow ozstoners. I must say it's been way too long I've missed so much! I hope everyone has been well.


It's great to see heaps of outdoor grows this year. I had to post mine up couldn't help myself lol.


These were planted very late November 16. Time and a few constraints didnt allow for earlier plantings but shit happens. I decided to plant the seeds id made last year and see how they turned out so far so good. I have some that are very sativa dominant and others more indica. I dont want to harvest too early again as i had to last year due to rain.


Soil used was our own mix with horse manure worm castings mushroom compost bit of lime and gypsum and kelp meal. Ive hit them twice so far with some liquid potash and gogo. Next few weeks coming will just be straight water. I rigged up a little irrigation system ive had running on a timer all summer for them.


Im aiming for a mid april harvest provided the weather doesnt take a turn for the worst!


These shots were taken yesterday.

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