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Hi Guys,


I am thinking of beginning a guerrilla grow in the state/national park about 20km from my house.


I bought some maps of the local forest and have picked out 10 promising locations, that are at least 200m off the tracks they are also at least 100m to 200m to the local river that flows though these parts.


Going to scout out these locations on Saturday. I have just have some questions I have learnt well from the posts I have read so far in this post.


My questions are as follows:

1. Is it to late to start ordering seeds, germinating and planting as it is early November?

2. People recommend I use a basic compost mixed in with some aerated soil for the plant to grow in, is this adequate?

3. As for watering, how long will I need to go out there if I use liquid storing crystals and a 5L water container that is slowly dripping into those crystals last before I need to go out there and refill the container?

4. Feeding my plants, I haven't seen a lot of info about feeding the plants, ie. Feeding schedules what mixes I should make up for guerrilla grows.


Any help and and advice would be the best! First time growing guerrilla, I've grown indoors but I can't now because I live in a rental with housemates who despise weed. (I don't understand why people can hate weed so much).



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Any time before Xmas will get decent results. Prep the holes so you don't need to feed them just water. Bury fish in there n stuff like that. Give em some blood and bone and potash when they flower. Just keep them from drying out.[/quote

I'd say be careful with blood n bone lots of critters love getting into and digging it up looking for well blood and bones

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Also check the ph of soil and let us know most likely will be acidic and need dolomite, add heeaaps of manures cow is awesome plus dynamic lifter, go like 3 sacs of cow and a half bucket of lifter plus a handful of dolomite a hole. Dig in well and mulch heavily. That's a start, less plants, bigger holes with more organic matter equals less watering
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It's important to get your soil right before you plant, if it's clay it needs lots of aeration with coco, perlite and loads of manure, compost etc. if sandy you need to add lots of water holding ability through heaps and heaps of organic matter compost, manure, coco and or peat moss dug through. Test ph, adjust and test ph. Gum forests are very acidic also, try plant amongst the lantana it's a great cover and soil it has repaired will be spot on of its a well established clump of lantana
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Hello Sunseeker,


I have determined that all 6 sites I discovered today are clay based soil.


I have re recorded my observations below:


Site 1 - 7.2ph
Dry clunky clay soil.
Site 2 - 6.8ph
Semi moist clay soil, lots of organic matter (sticks, leaves, roots) present in soil.
Site 3 - 7ph
Dry clunky clay soil.
Site 4 - 7.4ph
Dry clunky clay soil, lots of organic matter (sticks, leaves, roots) present in soil.
Site 5 - 7ph
Dry clunky clay soil, lots of organic matter (sticks, leaves, roots) present in soil.
Site 6 - 6.8ph
Very moist clay soil, lots of organic matter (sticks, leaves, roots) present in soil.
I will have to aerate the soil more, are these PH levels acceptable?
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