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Prices On High End Glass (Zob,ROOR,EHLE)

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Hi guys,
Just wanted to start some sort of conversation about high end glass to try and get some clarity on the pricing.
I am a regular surfer on Ozbongs and can sometimes spend any where from an hour to the best part of most the night browsing their site.

I came across Sovereignty Glass tonight and whilst I can understand this is a beautiful billy and a workable piece of art but the price tag on this thing is $2450.00.

I am just looking for opinions here guys, I have done some research and their are quiet a few of these things out there. I absolutely love them but are the makers asking to much money.


I did some digging and found many bongs whilst not exactly the same they seem similar and far cheaper I guess I want to know what is the difference. What dignifies the high price tag..?

Also if anyone has any of these high end beasts Would love some pictures and some reviews on your rig.


These are my rigs at the moment.


Am looking at investing some money into some high end so any advice will be greatly appreciated 

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With anything glass is the same you get what you pay for.


A lot of the high end pieces like that u put up are mostly hand made, a lot of cheaper glass is lathe made or press made.


My best piece was a 9mm HVY that i imported from aqua, i have a cut off limit for what i will spend on glass, paying over 2k for a glass piece i would b to scard of using it because ya brake it poof there goes ya money along with the last rip you just pulled through it.


The most exxy piece i have is atm is a HVY i got from ozbongs...

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My best bong is a large Agung Chong Bong with dimples in the lower part of the neck for holding the ice cubes, it also has a chamber and glass cone & stem. It all come in under $100 a few years back. It certainly fulfils my requirements.


But if we're talking high end glass, I best back out of this conversation. :D

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The piece is definitely worth the money, I own a sovereignty piece a few Toros and some other wonderful pieces. If you're not familiar with glass I wouldn't go out and buy one straight up. But I can see you have some glass, if you were to spend the money on a piece like that. You would see the difference and definitely tell the difference when you smoke through it.post-58437-0-72001500-1476062601_thumb.jpg
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Thanks guys.


Pretty much told me what I had already thought but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else who know whats they are talking about.

Might save some coin and invest in something but I doubt very much that it will be over $600 lol if I even spend that much I dunno they all look.


I guess they are there to serve a purpose it is up to you how much you want to spend on something and what your budget allows.

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While I'm still thinking on this subject does anyone have pointers on cleaning said equipment the twists and curves on these things make it very difficult I personally have broken a few probably more than in any other circumstance whilst cleaning I have bottle brushes and I like using toothpaste as it works really well and I already put it in my mouth so no nasty chemicals.


Sometimes I like to use rice and boiling hot water mixed with toothpaste and shake the shit out of it but there must be an easier way than this to keep our equipment nice and clean I have seen some new things on the market like purity water I think it is call is spose to keep it clean for longer but I dont know.

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When it comes to cleaning i use metho and salt once washed out wash with a tiny drop of dish lquid and it is sparkly clean.


I tend to stay away from the bongs with all the arms and fancy stuff inside because of how hard it is to keep clean, if you are like u wont lie ya glass to be to dirty you will spend more time trying to keep all the lil tight areas clean that useage in the end...

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