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light emitting ceramics THE FUTURE?

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Hi everyone,


ive been growing for a couple years now and have tryedd a few different growing methods and lights.


when i was doing some research the other day i stumbled across a guy who has bought these lights called light emitting CERAMICS not diodes.

apparenlty there super efficient at delivery of par radiation and a 315 w fixture always gets better yeilds than a 600 w HPS.

i found a 630 w double for sale on ebay for 1.4k so there  pretty dam expensive but i think it could be worth the investment after a few grows as the 630 watter claims to be able to produce anywere upto 1.5gpw.


just looking for personal experiece if anyone has bought these and how they went.

throw some pics and numbers up if youve done a grow with them 

cheers guys 


ps its my first post so if i forgot anything let me know.

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