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Victoria becomes First Australian state to legalise the use of Medicin

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Children with severe epilepsy will be the first to access to the drug in 2017, Victoria's Health Minister Jill Hennessy said, after the Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill passed Parliament.

The legislation enables the manufacture, supply and access to medicinal cannabis products in the state.

full article here http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-12/victoria-becomes-first-state-to-legalise-medicinal-cannabis/7321152


That must be good news for those there who need it for these purposes.

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This is a load of gov propaganda BS and not even close to legal medical cannabis. Read the article. It is trials only. Just more stalling while they hand medical cannabis to a TGA styled pharmaceutical industry. Good luck getting any legal Australian medical cannabis product within the next 10-15 yrs. Import only pharmaceutical cannabis is all this and the federal laws ensure. Don't be fooled.


:peace: MongyMan

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Yep just had a quick read of the bill

and it will only be able to be cultivated, manufactured and supplied by 'a licensed cultivator". Nothing in it for hippies other than another arse fuck.


All these clowns are interested in is money. Fuck them!


Cannabis is free and should always be free.


What makes it right for "them" to profit from an otherwise illegal (for you and me) product?


I think I'll go have a joint and relax, these fuckers are doing my head in.

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i wonder how you apply for a "permit" to grow and how exactly you then proceed to the extracts etc its all somewhat vague.

They should have all the process outlined before drafting legislation, not surprising they work backwards.

Melbourne could do with a few medical outlet shops like they have in barcelona, you give your details pay $20 and away you go.

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