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help with lights for seedlings

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hi all,


i have a 600W HPS lucagrow light i think its called and I also have 2 seeds. I would prefer to not put 2 new seedlings under the 600W so would like to know what I could use instead for like the first month just to get them up and a few leaves out.


is there anything in bunnings that I could use for this purpose ? I dont know much about lights and cfl's and wattage and lumens so if you could be specific that would be very appreciated. 


thanks for your help

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Hey Hobbit, I've used a couple of 24w daylight cfl's in cheap desk lamps before, only really good for a week or so though then they need more power to get on with it.  The 80w Phillips is a good seedling/clone lamp, and will always be a handy lamp to have lying around.


Having said that, I generally use a digi HPS turned down to 250 or 400w these days, and have started them off under 600w HPS more than once, with no problems.  Trick is to start off a little bit too high and bring it down as the seedlings get established enough to deal with the radiated heat and light intensity.  I don't really ascribe to the theory that they can't handle HPS as seedlings, but I do agree that 600w for 1 or 2 tiny seedlings is not sensible economics.

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strongest cfl at bunnings is a 24w. 


any idea how seedlings react to spending the first 4-6 weeks outside in the sun so normal day night conditions before being brought inside under artificial lights for like 22on2off ? beginning to think screw the electricity bill and just use the 600w HPS.


thanks you both for your help and input

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They're the ones I meant, 2 of them in cheap arse bendy desk lamps (with the matching fitting) with the directional cone shaped hood, also from bummings.  Only good for a week or so.  If you're that worried about power costs that you want to start them outdoors, get the lamps and give em an extra 4-6hrs/day under them to keep them in veg.  Personally, after 2 weeks or so they really need strong light to perform, so I'd just go HPS from the start if I had nothing else.  Just don't start too close.

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