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Will small lighting times effect my plants

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I am wondering if changing my timer in 15 minute increments at random times will mess with my plants cycles.

Just thinking that these days the power companies may examine power usage for regular patterns.

If my light turns off at exactly the same time every day for 2 months is that something they will notice and report to authorities?


If I was to change the timer to stop 15 mins earlier for 3-4 days then make it 15 minutes later for a few days would this change in daylight mess with my plants and maybe accidentally induce early flowering?  or is it only the massive change from 18hrs to 12 hrs that triggers the plant?


Am I being overly paranoid and this is unnecessary?




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There are many reasons as why power can be turned on and off each day at what ever time it may be.


A pool filter or an air con set on a timer for when u get home from work it already cool or warm.


Just pay for what ever power you use, the power co dont give a shit when u turn thing on or off...

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As Ozzy said, many reasons. I'm guessing most of us run lights smaller than 1000w so in the scheme of things it's a small draw. Air con in winter will pull over 4kwh, pool pump 800 at a minimum, kettle 2kwh, etc. Just to throw them right off, those with solar have energy feeding into the grid and/or using directly without it registering with the smart meter.

So unless you are running multiple rooms with heaps of lights I wouldn't be concerned.



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Hi Midlife. Yeah probably will not be a significant difference on power as it is a small first time grow with LEDs so will not draw much. Thanks for your input.

Good luck with it mate. I was like you once... "I'll just grow a bit and see how I go". As others have said and I agree...a very addictive hobby!


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