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Hey stoners, some of you out there know i like my toys when it comes to smoking this herb we all love :D


This is the new toy in my for the every growing list of toys.


Some of you may have seen or have one, a E Nail, it basicly a soldering iron on steroids used to heat a titanium nail for smoking oil.


I am still playing with it, i am wating on a ir thermometer, to if temps are rite.


I using a carb cap as well there is a lil art to using one but if u get it rite it worth it.



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Hey Faith.


Yer pretty easy to setup, the temps are in fahrenheit not sure yet if can make it show in celsius as yet still playing with it.


Once ya set ya temps let it heat up and dab away, so far it has stayed pretty stable at the temps set.


Still reading up on best temps to set.


I have dab at 700f but think need a lil higher to vape the oil a lil better.


A lotta fun times ahead in finding out :D

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