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Qld 2015/2016 Novice Grower

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Hello everyone out there, new forum poster here.


Ive just started to get into outdoor cultivation and in my eagerness to run before I could walk, I planted in late August. Now after reading sage advice her on many forums I understand I should of waited until the September Equinox, but oh well these things happen. I do have some questions for experienced horticulturists out there.

They are the following. Much thanks and praise in advance for replies : )


1. I have planted 15 plants outside in one pot, they have all grown very strong. As I have said above, I planted late August. They would be about 40cm (around 15inch) now 1/1/15.  I have sexed them and they are largely female, but is it safe to remove the males for I have waited so long to separate them. Or would this damage the root system of the other plants?


2. There seem to be tiny white spots on the top side of leaves, im thinking this is due to a deficiency in nutrients perhaps?


3. If it is safe to remove the males and replant the females in separate pots, should I use the same soil in the original pot or just make a similar mix?


4. Because I planted a month early should I harvest just a tiny bit before the start of autumn?


5. I have a good quality pot mix, it is for tomatoes for I read, it has similar soil composition for growing pot and tomatoes. Is this true? if not what potting mix would you suggest for replanting the females and any other nutrients boosters, I got more than enough money to spend of nutrients, so anything that would boost the quality and health of plant.


Again thank you very much for your replies. Much love and light and enjoy that blunt tonight : ) 



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1. Remove the males


2. pics please


3. When transplanting be gentle with the roots. But as there is plenty of veg time left they should recover anyway. I assume you would need more potting mix if replanting into pots


4. harvest when they are ready not by time


5. Is a good idea to use tomato mixes for tomatoes and cannabis mixes for cannabis

An easy outdoor method is canna terra for the medium and canna Vega and Flores nutes, hydro shop should be able to help out there.


You have a good opportunity to take cuts over summer as you have already sexed them!!

Good luck, post pics


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Hey thanks for the reply guys, on the topic of potting mix. I am using a tomato potting mixed, is there any commercially available potting mix for marijuana? Because I don't want to go ordering if off the net and leaving a trail.


I am also trying to upload photos of the plants but im having trouble doing this.





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The above photo of the close up, is the little spots I am seeing on the plants, but I do believe it is a spider of some kind. I have seen tiny webs now but cannot see spiders. The other photo of the plant and root is to get an idea of how close they are planted together.


Ive also been reading guides on potting mix. Buying organic potting mix then adding cow manure, bood and bone, worm castings, perlite, organic compost. But the thread I have read in says you need to let it settle for couple months before planting.    Is it possible to take something out say for example the manure (high in ammonia or other minerals) and to plant the plants in the soil straight away?

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Well I replanted the plants into new pots, with organic mix. But unfortunatly the root systems I believe were too interwoven and thus resulting in the plants dying. I have replanted as I said but the top of the plants are wilting quiet badly. Well thats the end of my growing adventures. Well guess there is always fucken next go round

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They may come good don't give up on them, they are bound to be unhappy after the transplant.


Canna Terra as suggested earlier is a potting mix you can buy that has it's own range of nutrients to go with it. Another potting mix I have used and been happy with is Searles Premium.


If you turn the leaves over you will find that you have a spidermite infestation.


Plenty of time left in the season to start over. Don't get too disheartened, have to make mistakes to learn a lot of the time.

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Hey man, i am here to help. Now your in QLD right? i've been growing outdoors for years. i have realised in SEQ where i am, i have the best luck planting my beans in november/december. Now obviously they won't grow like giants, but with a bit of LST and etc you will get nice sized plants with good tight heads, i find this easier to manage aswell.

I currently have a couple seedlings but am still yet to plant the majority. Now, what i'd recommend. Go to bunnings, grab a few black 10L plastic buckets (99c) (get pots if you aren't poor) drill holes in the bottom for drainage, fill the pots with Searles Premium potting mix ($15) for 60 litres, thats 6 bucket pots full ;) Now plant and water haha. (yes its that easy) Also i use this soil alot, is very amazing. I mix it with perlite. probably about 60 soil 40 perlite


It is up to you if you would like to transplant your current plants, personally i would start again.

With the soil, i would start off with the one i recommended and work on your soil mixes next year as you are more confident. Hope i helped.

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