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2015/16 Outdoor

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Thanks everyone.


Awesome pic Naycha! What camera did you use take that? I can't ever remember seeing hairs on my cotyledons or maybe I need glasses..

You've inspired me to chuck some of my babies up :)


Keep up the good work! 


Cheers Reggie, get those babies up!


It's just a cheap point and shoot camera, Olympus SZ-14.

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Haha let me reword the question since I already know the camera you are using.

I'm wanting to participate with this site on a major scale but I am a little paranoid since kiwis are getting deported quite regularly these days, so the question I really want to know is how are you uploading photos etc without the authorities catching wind?

I'll understand if you don't want to disclose the info here but should I avoid using my phone and neighbors wifi to upload pics etc? Cheers bro

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