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Iron or Magnesium

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Hi All, 


I noticed this last night and I am having issues trying to figure out which one it is. 

I also noticed a few leaves up a bright yellowing starting on another leaf and the tops all looking a little yellow as well. 

Now I also figured out that I should have stepped up my guano feed from 5ml to 10ml per liter of water as well and will be starting that from tonight. 


current feed mix is 5ml of guano, 2ml of A+B for flowering


post-46252-0-03501000-1432777929_thumb.jpg post-46252-0-06933000-1432777931_thumb.jpg 


Same branch (Lowest branch) - you can see the yellowing I mentioned... 


post-46252-0-57801900-1432779416_thumb.jpg post-46252-0-72115200-1432779419_thumb.jpg



My thoughts are either Iron or Magnesium... BUT I am not worried as such - more of a case of I wanna know what people think. The rest of her is fine so again I am not too worried since I figured out I am pretty much under feeding her too :)


Indoor/Outdoor:  Outdoor
Growing Medium: Soil
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Every two days - recently stepped up to daily 1.5lt 
PH Levels: water ph before feed is approx 7-7.5
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 25-26c / 56%
Air Flow/Fans etc.: Fan 24/7 moving over them
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): 600w HPS
Growth Stage: Flower 
Plants Age:  in to 7th weeek
Cannabis Strain: Not known

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From those 2 leaves, I doubt it is either Mg or Fe. Pictures that show the whole plant might help diagnosis rather than just a couple of leaves.


yep - I realised I had forgotten to take them this morning - Just took these now of the branch affected. 

Lights off atm

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Mine did the same bro on some of the lower leaves and I put it down to having slightly too much A+B mixture and a slightly low PH.


I was doing 3ml of nutes per litre and the PH I dropped to 5.6 / 5.7


That was about a week or so ago but after I trimmed of some of the more yellow leaves and balanced the Ph they have loved it. I'm now and full strength nutes too. 5ml of each per L and they and smashing it down (Feeding at the moment is gapped like this... Feed > 2 days > Feed > 3 Days> Feed > 2 days and so on).

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Mmm, I did jack up the A+B by .5 ml.

I'll drop it back and bump up the guano to 10ml per Lt.


Checked on her tonight. Seems fine, still stretching which means still growing fine. Gave her a feed tonight that would address any issues and followed with 1lt of water. I'll water her tomorrow with out feed and go from there. Cheers Matt!

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You need to look at your plant mate , she's telling you something 

Upping the A B , maybe that was the prob in the first place , so your going to stop that & 

add more of something else , more food = force feeding  = quality drop = more probs

Have a listen to Elaine Ingham https://youtu.be/x2H60ritjag

More food does not = better, in fact more food ( force feeding ) = a worse outcome , imho 

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well the guano feed is 5ml per liter for small \ seedling plants - since I am in flower I figured I should bump up to 10ml like the package says - but leave the A+B alone. 


Was thinking it was something lacking not something over done - but you are right it could be all from being over done. 


I am going to flush with water and check the EC with my brand spankin new blue trunch :D

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Yea, I was gunna say to keep it the same. In my opinion, the plant at this stage is big enough and strong enough to deal with it and move on. Mine has and its booming now. So if it was me, I would keep the A+B the same for teh next 2-3 feeds and see what happens. I reckon it will pull through and be fine! ;-)

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