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Anyone know the best strain for insomnia? im sick of taking valium and

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Am I the only one to like a sativa before bed?  I find that if I get my mind racing it helps me deal with all my mental bullshit and if I stop vaping a couple of hours before bed the come down makes bed ever increasingly attractive too.  Indicas will drop me for a solid 8 hours but it's like getting knocked out where there's very little quality sleep and I'm always hungover from them the next day too.  Sativas leave me at worst slightly foggy but more often than not I wake up feeling 100% and get on with my day without needing the usual 3 cuppas and a couple of hours to sober up and feel good again.


Recommending a strain is hard because everyone and every plant is an individual and realistically only you will know what works for you once you've harvested and tried everything for yourself.  Just read the strain descriptions, buy whatever sounds appealing and then make f2s so you can do a pheno hunt and find your perfect medicine.

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