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Cooking with a whole green plants minus stems.. dosing

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Hi guys I know very little about this whole topic, but have a plant and in a couple of days want to convert the entire thing, main cola and all into butter.


I am looking at this howto on a site called the weed blog called how to make marijuana butter, and it seems he uses green leaves and trim, and turns out well.


Considering I will be using bud as well I assume it will come out quite a bit more potent? I would like to know how I can kind of work out later on how much butter to use when making the cannabutter, and how much butter to then use per recipe, or if it will just be trial and error?



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Hey Newb,

I use the same process as Lou in making butter. As for potency, no two cook ups are the same, there are too many variables. The quality of the herb used, the quantity of herb and the quantity of the butter all have an impact on effect. For example if you cook up an oz of herb with 500grams of butter the impact will be less than if you took that same oz of herb and added less butter, say 200 grams. The potency will be stronger. Also the herb you use has an impact. Use leaf or trim and you will have less impact than if you use bud (obviously).

Due to the awful smell, which my wife can't stand, I have a sideburner on the bbq. I take the bbq out into the middle of my yard and boil it away, topping up the water level. I cook it overnight. Lou's idea of the potato ricer is a good one as trying to squeeze the butter out of the mix whilst hot is near impossible without burning your hands. I have in the past made a sock from gauze fabric and used this to squeeze the liquid out of the mix, then refrigerated to make it solidify.

I like to make a caramel slice with the butter and to reduce the dopey taste I add a couple of drops of peppermint extract. I use the extract over essence as the extract is stronger and I use less of it compared to the essence. With some recipes adding fluid can mean that they do not cook the same, so the less fluid I add in using extract reduces this problem a bit.


Hope it helps


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Thanks for the advice guys, I read through that thread, and love your caramel slice suggestion @merl1n.


I wonder, is there some sort of magic ratio as to the amount of green plant to butter? Like I know potency varies by strain as well as a whole bunch of other factors, but lets say I have 1 plants, total green mass, buds and leaves 500g (I have no idea what real mass would be ps, it still being in pot!), how much butter would i use?   

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If you put too much in at a time you may well end up with very potent butter but the taste can be very very strong...did a batch last season 110z bud,leaf to 1kg butter, I ended up with canna butter but it was so incredibly strong tasting I had to use it sparing...It wasn't very pleasant I have made a few more batches since that one and find that about 4OZ of leaf and trim to 250-300g butter is a manageable amount and depending on how strong the dope will depend on how good the effect. Just remember there is such a thing as too much....added bonus about a cup full of trichomes at the bottom of the pot when we did the 11oz...looked like sand

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 but the taste can be very very strong...did a batch last season 110z bud,leaf to 1kg butter, I ended up with canna butter but it was so incredibly strong tasting I had to use it sparing...It wasn't very pleasant


You can solve that problem very easily by washing the butter, details are contained in my butter recipe (link above by Stoned Jester).

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Edibles ya gotta love em (sometimes)


Dosing is always a problem cause you can never know how Heady or Stony its going to be until you make it and each batch is different. The amount and manner of decarb makes a difference as well as the strain your using and each persons tolerance levels to edible cannabis.


most folks try and work out the dosage from the wrong end of the production, you know, add this much to that much and you'll get a percentage of lar-de-dah...etc.  etc.


This is what I do and its just a suggestion.


I know about 1 gram of normal decarbed bud is a great dose for me, on days when i'm smoking as well, I half that dose. (party time add extra lol )


I make my medium of choice based on recipe, this can be, in order of absorption Coconut oil, Ghee (clarified Butter), Butter,  Russian Potato Vodka (95%) or Peanut Butter.

(As I reminded myself last weekend, always mark dosage on it before you store in freezer)


So lets say I made 100g butter with 10g of nice Sleestack Skunk. In "smart" speak that's 1g of bud = 10g of butter so I use 10g of butter on my toast for my 1g.

BUT lets say I make another 100g with 10g of resin infested OG Skunk. Now that piece of toast is going to have me crawling on the floor for the next 10 hours.


So I make my Butter with 50g of what ever I have to 250g then I know that 5g of butter is 1g of whatever it's made of. (Which is written on container)


So lets dose a cake.....

I don't normally eat a whole cake in a sitting but if that's what I was going to do : 1g needed, will be 1 meal,  so only need 5g of butter for whole cake.

--- : going to eat it in 2 slices so add 10g butter so when cut in half each has 1g

---: 5 friends around for afternoon tea 1 cake needs to give 5 doses (5g) so I add 25g of butter and cut in 5. Each friend now gets 1g and if you don't tell them till after, a fun afternoon.



My recipe makes 20 biscuit's and I only want to eat 1 with my coffee.(by the way try your coffee with a dose of Coconut oil) So I need 20 doses of 1g so I need to add 20 x 5g of butter = 100g


So without rambling to much what I am saying is


Make your Butter/Ghee/Oil the same all the time and use the final product to adjust dosage up/down depending on YOUR perception of potency after 1g

1 cookie not enough, eat 2 next time or eat 1/2 if too strong.


Hope this makes sense. (I'm sure someone will tell me if it doesn't)  ;)


AND remember it all comes down to your De-Carboxylation method for edible's peak effect.












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You can solve that problem very easily by washing the butter, details are contained in my butter recipe (link above by Stoned Jester).

We washed it in total about 5 times...I tried to followed your recipe but don't think my result had much to do with the method more about the execution....far too much weed in small amount of butter and water, simmering 26hrs may have been a bit long, being novices didn't help either. Despite washing it a number of times the butter was a dark green color and on its own tasted very strongly of dope...gave a real kick but made most things taste bloody awful...another batch, same plant, smaller amount (4oz bud) made a really nice butter(24hrs simmering) that gave a great kick without the really strong dope taste so I put the previous result down to my excessive use of dope. Made another batch just the other day following your recipe and this stuff I could eat on its own as has just a very mild aftertaste and a great stone.


I made plenty of mistakes the first time and found the most obvious one being my ratio of, water to butter to weed to pot size was out of whack I think in your recipe you used a plastic shopping bag the amount I used the first time was easily a couple of times more and the weight I quote is an estimate it could have been more...unless of course there is something else I have missed  :twiddle:  Once I calmed down with the dope amounts and got more experienced, the butter taste has improved hugely...Recipe has remained the same just the idiot executing it has got better at following it. :)

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Gee Max, that must have been a rich mix.

I remember looking at your picture of how your butter turned out and then looking at mine knowing I had made a monumental error somewhere...for all its horrid taste I managed to use it and it was spectacular...would never do it again...waste of weed...would have been far better off making it in about 2-3 batches. Anyway no harm done we all survived the brownies and as a result I make better butter now. :)

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