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Crazy Cannabis Seed Prices.


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Take a deep breath before you read this an sit down so you don't fall down.


Here are the prices this seed site is selling Cannabis seeds for.


Crazy Prices. { https://www.marijuanaseeds.com.au }


Please don't Laugh this is not a joke,But I really would like to know what the FUCK they are smoking or ON to come up with prices like these. 


1/OG Kush-5/seeds-$347.00

2/White Widow-5/seeds-$247.00

3/Northern Lights-5/seeds= $247.00

4/Purple Kush-5/seeds- $247.00


These seeds are supposed to be shipped from with in Australia  PMSL.


I hope you were sitting down when you read this post.


Regards,  Dingo-2008.

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Hi Rick,


Sorry about the link not working for you I spelt the word wrong lol.


My eye's  were not working to well early this morning bloody Glaucoma is really starting to fuck my eye sight around now day's.


I  am booked in to have laser eye treatment next month so I really hope my eye sight will settle down an I will be able to see for a few more months,Once again sorry about the spelling for the link it work's now pmsl lol.



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"Our company founder decided to start an Australian Seed Bank back in Feb 2013. He tried to buy cannabis seeds from overseas but was unsuccessful. After wasting a lot of money on many failed attempts we decided to do something about it.

Our goal was to source the best cannabis seed strains available in the world and sell them directly to the Australian market. We knew there were others like us and wanted to help them too."


So he failed at getting seeds through post for himself and now he's a wholesaler........hows that work. Also he want 20 people to stump up $100,000 each in a capital raising venture. $2,000,000 bucks then I bet he disappears.

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