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Feeding question

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My little plant is in flower. She is only small but coming along well. I kept her in a 20cm till now on purpose as I only have a small grow area and I want to keep her small. I just potted up to 30cm in the weekend to ensure she was not root bound. Turned out she was ok, but I am glad she has more room now as we hit the home stretch.


How often should I be feeding with powerfeed, seasol and potash. I have been feeding weekly but reading here some feed daily. Can I really up the feeding now she is in flower to get maximum yield ? I don't want to over cook her.


What ratio would you feed in a 2l watering can? And how often?


Before anyone says I should get something other than what I have, I am not planning to buy anything else than the seasol, powerfeed and sodium of potash.



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Looking nice Keenas, watering frequency os generally determined by the medium, if in soil, people generally let it dry out between feeds.


With feeding, i reckon just follow the directions on the pack, if you want to push it a bit, look for yellowing tips on the leaves a few days after feeding and don't go any harder, maybe back it off to be safe.


The plant looks perfect imo, just like your tomatoes, some leaves will go yellow when they get a bit old.


Beware taking pics at night, she could start getting confused and start throwing pollen about the place.

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Thanks. I might just step up the feed a bit to she what I can get away with. I am worried that the flowers arnt going to plump up and the yield will be poor given she is only little.


This is my first crack at growing in many years. Without knowing the strain, would anyone have an educated guess as to if I can expect the flowers to get much bigger given the time of year or do you think she will just mature over the next month? Also should I bother using potash as a foliar spray or just stick watering in?


Is this more sativa than indica ?


Plus there is a lack of odour or any resin forming? Should there be on the 2nd of March or am I be impatient ?


I know I am asking a lot of questions I just love to hear options about this stuff. So interesting...

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Looks a bit like a Sativa heritage with those fat leaves but I am sure someone with more experience than me will chime in.I have a diesel going at the moment and it gives off very little in the way of odor. The last AK47 auto I grew had very little smell right up until the day I chopped her. The potency was great. By the look of those pics you have a fair way to go yet, All the pistils are still white and they need to at least go brown and then you really need to have a look at the trichomes to be certain its ready. In the last two weeks of flowering you will notice an increase in bud size up to double the size they were and usually the smell becomes quite potent as well. The Pistils will be mostly brown and the whole plant will have a greyish brown kind of look to it, depending on how you like your smoke will decide how long you wait once the trichomes start to turn from milky to amber, the more amber the bigger the couchlock feeling. When dealing with these plants the adage  "If your sure its ready to harvest give it another 2 weeks"  is not a bad one to start off with

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Just remember. You can over feed which is also detrimental to your results. It's a line. Not a fine one. But a line none the less. Slowly up your feeds instead of a straight whack. And keep an eye on your leaves for nute burn.


Flushing depends on what your feeding her. A lot of soil growers don't bother. Others insist. Horses for courses. Organic grows shouldn't need it imo. But as I said. Horses for courses.

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