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Heat stress maybe?

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About 2-3 wks ago my SSS bubblefuck got really curled up leaves & flowers. It has been in flower for about 5 weeks now. I was treating it as heat stress and have been giving her just tank water. She looks like this now.


Her sister is nearby, she went into flower after her & looks like this


Grown outside in the ground & she was only given seasol & power feed before this happened. I don't know what to do & have been googling & don't even know if I've diagnosed right. The new growth seems ok but the rest is just not happening.

Is there anything I can do to help her?


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I'm not sure what it is yet

but a few more questions...


How often do you water each plant? (might be too dry)

Do you water each plant or water the plants as a group? 

-each plant needs to be treated as an individual -i.e. shouldn't water in-between two plants, rather water each plant as an individual 

are you watering the entire root area or just near the trunk?


What other plants (trees/bushes?) are nearby the plant that looks bad, is it different than the other plants near the canna that is doing well?

- co-planting the wrong plants near your canna plant can cause a competition for nutrients/liquids (Bamboo for example)


When was the last time the canna plants got a real good soak of water?

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Thanks for quick replies.

She is in a raised garden bed with SSS marion davies & SSS green bud is closest to her. There is a palm & some cleome at end of garden. Pot plants surround garden.

When they were in veg I did treat them all the same. Since they all but 1 went into flowering early I have been treating them different.

I water after I stick my finger in the ground to check. I do tend to water in the same area now it's been mentioned. Today I gave 18 litres. There hasn't been much good rain lately.

I noticed this when I didn't check on for 3 days due to commitments. Did some googling & thought heat stress. Now I'm really wondering.

If this turns out to be under watering I might just kick myself. Off to research that & cal/mag defiency.

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No visible difference but I just checked her now at night. Work rudely gets in my way sometimes. I am now giving the area another soaking. It takes awhile but hopefully worth it. I will continue to water her & keep checking. When I touch her she feels like she needs a good moisturiser. The affected area feels that dry. The older growth & new growth feels soft. Hopefully water is the answer.

Thanks so much for your help. I have never had this problem before & hope it is watering issues & nothing else.

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As has been mentioned here, it looks like some nutrient deficiency, even purpose your water is not ph'd correctly and is stopping the reuptake of nutrients.

What nutrients are you using and how often?

What water are you using and how often, are you ph balancing it?


Sorry about delay in answering. I thought I posted it but turns out I didn't. You get that.

Anyway rain water only she gets. Seasol & powerfeed only before this happened. I couldn't find the ph kit the other day & gave a feed of seasol. Now can't do anything due to the rain from the cyclone. Just waiting for rain to finish to see how she is.

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