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Sprout too tall

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Hello everyone just a quick question here, I started to grow a lemon haze plant by seed, once it sprouted I noticed the shell of the seed was stuck to the 2 round leaves so I kinda very gently took it off once it was off I knoticed there was like a little brown thing keeping the 2 round leafs from opening I thought it would grow out of it so I left it alone well 2 days later I went to Check on it still stuck together but it grew like 3 inches so it looks really tall and no leaves well I opend it up with a tooth pick and they opened and started growing everything is right ph level nutriouns it just looks weird I'll see if I can post a picture im just wondering if it is growing funny because of stress from me or because it grew too tall? And how can I fix this ?



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Hi Bluedreamed


Might need a little more info to help you properly, but I will tell you what I know....stretch (long stem) is caused when the seedling is reaching for light...you may want to get your haze out in the sun/under lights if your outdoors for limited periods until it becomes accustomed. If it continues to stretch then I would say its not getting enough light be it sun or artificial.


As you can see there are so many variables indoor, outdoor, type of lights, length of time under lights, type of fertiliser used, amount of water, growing medium etc etc and the list goes on. All these things or none of these things could have a bearing on what your plant did. Just give us some more information to go on and you may find someone who can answer your question...it could all just be genetics :)

Good luck with your grow

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Thank you for your response. I'm using a sunlight led sl-400 220 volt with a 90 degree reflector inside my tent its 75 degrees 31% humidity its planted in 75 % canna coco with 30% perlite mix I feed it a tsp of floramicro, floragro, and tbsp calcium to a gallon of water with a ph of 6.2 giving it 3 eye dropper sized waterings a day. I had it under my 54w fluorescent light but it kept reaching for the light almost burning it so I put it in the big tent with the big boys seems to be growing well in there actually staying about the same size but bushing out. Just the leafs look weird to me maybe it's just genetics hopefully it pulls thought and becomes a great plant. Edited by bluedreammed
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