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Righto. So attempt #2 after my first seedling died due to lack of oxygen and possibly too much light..

Im wondering for freshly planted seeds (germinated) what is the best environment for them to grow in? 

What is the best amount of light?
How much water should they be given on a daily basis?
What temperature and humidity % should they be in?

If you look at the thread "am i doing it right?" you will see my little grow box. I've since added in an intake fan and circulation fan to give fresh air to the plants and am no longer sitting the pots as high as the one in the images, instead they are sitting on the bottom of the box.

Any tips would be great!

Cheers guys :)

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That's a shame she died, it was looking good in the pics I saw.


Light = 18hrs on : 6hrs off. Running at 24 hrs works too, so doubt they were killed with too much light.

Watering = The picture on the thread you mentioned, would probably not need any more for about a week, this regime works for at least the first few weeks.

Temp = around 20C - < 30C is ideal, but can definitely grow way outside these parameters


Good luck, enjoy the grow :)

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Nah they don't need much water at the start. While they look happy, just leave them.


Not sure about lumens, but a cfl with a hIgh temp is the go for veg, i believe, so the best would be a 6500k, but plenty of people use the more readily available 5500k. I would say the more light the better, get the highest watttage you can, as for off the shelf at bunnings, i think phIllips has 24w ones, a few of them would be ok for early veg i reckon.

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yeah max i have 2 of those exact globes in there. How do i know when they need water then? i just get all edgy when i see the soil dry, i get scared their gunna shrivel up and die :0

So if i use them for now and early veg, what do i add in later to keep the process running smoothly. 

Also i had a look in Bunnings at the plant nutrients, i had a read up on what is good for them but it was all U.S related and obviously we have different products here. what would you recommend feeding them??

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They kinda just look a bit thirsty, leaves droop bit and you look at the calender and say,"hmmmm, it has been about a week since they had a feed, better get onto that". ;)



If you want to do a micro grow, this snow fruit grow from tommy at sweets was awesome, follow his example :). All the nutes etc he used a readily available in australia, you can get 70w hps lamps from electrical wholesalers.




Happy growing :D

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Wanted to jump in and revive this topic..


I'm looking at growing 3 autos in a 1mx1mx2m tent under a 600w HPS digital (once they start to flower)


My digital ballast is able to dim down to 250w, but I wonder if this is too much light for seedlings? Do you guys recommend starting off with a CFL and switching to a HPS? Or do you think a 250W HPS for seedlings is ok?

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is this your thread dude? why not start one of your own if it isn't?


yes 250 w hps will b cool, put your hand just above your plants a little and bring your light down till it just starts to get a bit hot on the back of your hand, make sure they get regular feeds and watch them grow,


they be huge in no time, once they a bit bigger crank the light up to 400 and 600, I generally use a cfl to start seed or for cloning, and try to get them under the hps or mh as soon as possible so that my veg time is as short as it can be(depending what I'm growing ) so I can get to flower sooner cause that's where the good stuff happens. 


have you started giving any nutes yet?

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