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What do I do?



Hello and best wishes to all.


Might be my 1st post, can't remember.


I've had a number of spinal surgeries that has left me with constant pain. The experts call it "failed back surgery syndrome." I'm on the usual junk (MS-Contin, Endone, pain patches, Valium etc.).


Having operation number 8 soon.


I've smoked bongs for years and years. I'm intrigued by the vaporizer method.


So, I bought a machine, followed the instructions and it did sweet FA.


Have I bought the wrong machine? I chopped until it was nearly dust, but, it just didn't work.


Am I better if staying with a billy (I'm 48 now) or is there a machine that someone could recommend? I'm not into joints, even though I smoke ciggies (yeah, I know). I no longer drink booze. It works too well with the pills and I'm not a fan of getting pissed anymore.


I bought some seeds from Amsterdam which arrived the other day. Couldn't believe they got through. Forgot what I ordered, but, I remember buying "outdoor varieties." $300 for about 20 seeds. My younger brother has Vegemite jars full of them. He's a billionaire in the waiting. He's going to try what he's got, I'll try what I've got & compare. One of the seeds in my package looks like a pip from a watermelon. Did someone kahphooey into the bag, or are some seeds massive?


I'll have to wait until Oct/Nov 2015 to start. I'm not into indoor growing. I just couldn't be bothered and sadly, my neighbour sees a Ferrari on the horizon if he gets involved (wants to grow big and sell - not my scene). He's an expert, so, I'm sticking to supplies from a major hardware store, good fertilizer and the sun. I'm not really into maintaining things, so, I'll just germinate, plant, put in sun and hope like SH!t that they grow.


If you suffer with pain, you have my utmost positive thoughts and any replies will be/are greatly appreciated on the vaporizer issue.


Best wishes people's!

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....Hi stoneyman, it takes awhile.  It takes awhile to get used to the vape and it is only vaguely like a bong/pipe/joint (for me anyway).  slow is the key I reckon...its a different kind of draw.  Different tastes and high to a degree, the word that comes to my mind is the intensity, of flavor and effect, I would recommend that you keep practicing cos I found it really is worth it, and SLY lol I can head into the room when the house is full even and sneak a quick vape off my vapour genie-no smell, exquisite efffect and flavour.  It does come good w/practice. 


I am battling to stop smoking on again off again it sucks.  When I am not smokin tobacco, i find i get used to the vape draw and if I load up a pipe or roll a king size and hit it hard I hack like anything...saying that, using the vape has actually 'educated' me in the pipe and joint toke...nice easy and cool.  Pain Sucks. I haven't seen a canna seed that big and that's a shitload of dough for 20seeds I hope they are rippers.  Are you going to do a journal?  Go for it.


Peace and good growing man I hope you can discover what is right for your requirements.

Faith :sun:

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Thanks for the reply mate. Much appreciated.


I'll give the vaporizer a go again. If it doesn't work, I'll just stick with William.


I found the stuff on the seeds that I bought. There's AK47 XT feminized and Durban Poison feminized. They threw in a heap of freebies also. The huge seed is in the freebie bag. Hope the seeds last until Later this year. I got Durban Poison, having fond memories of this stuff, years ago, off a mad South African surfer that I knew. Brought it over in his board bags and sold it to surf our summer. Then go home again (with a 1000 NSW Nth Coast fathers looking for him). I think the rort in cost is because of buying it in Euro's, currency transfer fee etc etc.


This will be interesting as I've never bothered growing. Always relied on my younger brother to handle the crop requirement side of things. If I got caught in my previous life (pre the spinal surgeries) with anything weed related, career over. Now I have no career to worry about, I'll get into growing. Gives me something to learn more about.


It's amazing the lengths some on here go to grow some smoke. You guys are geniuses. It's a real pity that weed is demonized and criminalized. I'm sure that there are some growers on here who could grow stuff that stops the need for morphine based medication or the crap that's given to those poor buggers with cancer and other similar hideous health problems. Pharmaceutical bastards won't let that happen any time soon.

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Hey Stoney, welcome to OS.


Can't say why your vaporiser didn't work, but a couple of pointers might help.  You shouldn't need to chop it into powder for a vape, hand grinders get a good consistency.  You want a temperature of at least 150c, best in the 170-190c range, and no more than 210c to make sure you avoid combustion.  Longer slower draws, or a lower fan speed will help to get denser vapour clouds.  Aside from that, best advice I can give is to research your model of vaporiser for best use, and hope you don't find that you've wasted money on a dud.  I was reluctant to spend the money on a worthwhile unit for a long time, and figured it wasn't worth cheaping out on, but after getting a decent unit I'd have to say I couldn't be happier with the results.  And like Faith said, it can be a lot  more stealthy than smoking.  Some people say there's a learning curve for the body to get used to vaping, but I got results straight up, and also find that it enhances the body stone and pain relief aspects of most strains.


Nothing wrong with growing outdoors instead of inside, probably a good idea if you have back problems.  Probablyl worth keeping others completely out of your grow though, especially if they have commercial dreams as that's an almost guaranteed recipe for getting into a world of shit, and it ain't only the coppers that you have to worry about.  You could still drop a couple in the ground now for a short grow and quick harvest, just don't expect a big yield.  If you spend the next 8-9 months going through grow diaries on the site you should be able to get plenty of ideas and plan your grow really well around your personal situation.


You'll generally find indica dominant strains better for pain, but everyone's responses are different.  Would be interesting to see a picture of your giant mutant seed, if it was me I'd be itching to get it in the ground for a look.


Best of luck with your vape and future grows.  Feel free to post a grow journal here, you'll get plenty of help and encouragement.

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Thanks guys for the comments and advice. As I say, I'll try the vap and see what happens.


Yep, DP (smoking kind) is excellent. Been years since I've had that. Funnily enough, it was similar to the old New Guinea Gold (the real stuff that grows in the wild). Very smooth and you don't feel as though a sledge hammer has connected with your forehead.


I might be wrong, but, that giant seed, I suspect is a spot of chocolate. It was included in the freebie bag. Not enough to do much with except sprinkle on the lawn next billy (in 5 mins) & see what happens.


The Durban poison seeds are tiny in comparison to the AK47 and the other freebies. As in 1/2 the size. I don't remember tiny seeds, but, I don't remember a lot from the early 80's anymore. They blame hooch for memory loss. Ever since I've been taking Morphine & the other junk, my memory is rooted. I'd love to stop the junk, but, imagine 1,000 knives in your lumber and as though someone has lodged a machete in your bum cheek.


I'll give the quick plant a go as I think it might be a longer summer (here's hoping) than usual.


Thanks again.

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Hey Stoney welcome to this great site!!!


I too have really bad lower back pains/problems and have recently gotten great pain relief from ingesting Cannabis, in the form of infused coconut oil, as many others here seem to also, there was recently a great Tutorial posted on here on how to make it, give it a try, unfortunately Internet Explorer (windows surface tablet -_-) wont let me post links here, but some other kind fellow may direct you :)


good luck and all the best!!

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Hey Stoney,

I too am a medi smoker/grower. The medical fraternity very much frown on smoking of any sort. I smoke to reduce my intake of the pharma crap, I've got me a candy store of pharma meds but they screw with my insides something shocking. So I got myself a vape and put billy away and although I agree with the flavoursome vapour, I too was not obtaining the high I require from the vape. I tried differing temps, I tried mulled, scissor cut, course and fine. I tried straight hash. I tried different fan speeds. I tried from the whip. I tried filling a vape balloon. Nothing was giving me what I needed. So I went to smoking joints, that got me what I wanted. Maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe it was just me. But for me the joint works lol and although it works for me, if it doesn't for you, then I say, use what works for you.


I've heard some good things about the Durban Poison especially for pain management so I hope it gives you the effect you require. There is lots to learn and loads of info on this site. If you're not sure about certain points, then please come asking the members here. They have a wealth of info and are willing to share.


Good luck with it all



P.S. I think/hope this is that link Biggdogg was talking about


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Hey Stoneyman Got an Early Durban in my current grow, from my understanding its a similar plant to the Poison Durban. The one I have is a good strong plant and is supposed to give great yields and a good CBD content. I mainly use due to med issues but I used recreationaly long before I used it as a med. I have run the whole gambit of narcs and currently run an implanted pump that delivers a little concoction of stuff directly to my cerebo spinal fluid hence by passing the whole oral thing meaning I have to take much less to get the same effect. I have to say that this was a last chance for me as they have run out of meds to help. But it works better than anything and no normal meds could get close to the kind of relief this gives me. As you would well know their is always a trade off and the dope covers the stuff created by the narc meds in the pump and especially breakthrough stuff.


Good luck with your grow...you do have time to chuck an auto in the ground before the season is over...probably won't get heaps off of it but will certainly keep you entertained.

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Hey Stoneyman and welcome.


I am a recreational stoner but like to be healthy so I bought several vaporizers last year, the MFLB, Arizer Solo and LSV.  My favourite out of the lot is the LSV but they have all gradually been made redundant as I returned to smoking joints as I prefer the effect of smoking and it doesn't give me anywhere near as bad munchies.  Having said that, all of them worked satisfactorily - so not sure why yours did sweet FA.  The stealth aspect is definitely a plus as well.


Now I've just invested in a bong and nice glass pipe [all my old bongs got chucked out a decade ago!] only to read that you ingest heaps less tar from joints!


Anyway, I agree with Hash that it's not too late to drop some seeds in now and get something.  Next season's harvest be a long way off!


I grew a Durban Poison last year and the taste [vaped] was divine. 


Wishing you all the best.

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