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Is this ready to harvest?


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This is the product of an Auto seed I received as a freebie a while back.


I'm not familiar with the strain, but the flowers look unlike the bag crap I have been producing in the past.


Given so many of the white hairs have turned brown, I am wondering if this is ready to harvest?





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If you can't find a magnifying lupe get yourself an old pair of binoculars or a kids microscope. Take the eye piece out of either of these and you will be able to magnify enough to get a clear idea of the color of your trichomes. SLR camera with a zoom will probably get you a a decent look as well...I am not an expert in these matters but it does look likes it needs a couple of weeks

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Budding and flowering are the same thing... both will begin once the nights are long enough to trigger flowering... somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February, depending on the particular cultivar.


With regard to old SLR lenses, I used a 24mm macro lens for many years, just remove lens from camera and turn it around so you are looking through the wrong end of the lens. This will give you a magnification factor equal to the length of the lens... eg a 24mm lens used backwards produces 24X magnification.  


Don't use a lens that you may want to use again for photography... you will undoubtedly get some resin on the lens and this will mess up the coating on the glass.

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