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gday Ozzyoutdoor.


Hot air rises, thus, the extraction fan goes at the top, intake at the bottom.  an intake fan is often not necessary, as the outlet fan will pull air into the room from a passive inlet

What do you mean by passive inlet? I have a tent and looking atget an 8 inch ducting and fan, but how do i get air intake without releasing smell?

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I have a 8inch system running in my 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent on a speed controller. And even at the lowest setting it runs enough to suck in the sides of my tent. If the fan is running with the vacuum sucking air in through my passive inlet nothing gets out. But if I turn the filter off then you do get smell though the passive entry, so it means the moment they start to smell the fans on all the time.


I built a window mounted air box with light traps. The exhaust goes out the top of the box and the inlet for my tent is connected to the rest, this way I'm pulling fresh air in all the time. I have the 8 inch inlet going from the window in through the side vent that was in the tent and sealed up with silver tape. Eventually when I setup the veg/auto tent the 2 tents will be connected and both running the off the same filter but with a small 4 inch fan add to the fresh air duct to force outside air in.

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What Sixty Eight said is about rite,1 of them hyper fan  would be plenty to as it will move around the same amount of air as a 250mm-Max-Can-Fan,As I have a 250mm-Max-Can-Fan,An that fan is in a grow room  {2mt X 3mt X 2400mm high } an move plenty of air to keep my room cool an supply it with plenty of fresh air.


But I do have another 250mm fan sucking fresh air into the grow room if the weather gets to hot.


If you live where to weather gets very hot you may need another fan to supply fresh air into the grow room.


But you will find that the one  250mm hyper fan will be plenty as you will most likely need to use the fan speed control to slow the fan down to suck less air into your grow room as the wall will most likely be sucked in. lol


Hope this info helps you.


  Regards Dingo-2008. 

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