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First Browning


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Ok this may be a strange question but I'm going to ask it anyway.


Today I was talking "shop" with a friend I mentioned about a discussion I read on the forums the other day ( cant remember witch,  2 days without sleep and four hit's in, I think I am doing well just typing) about not harvesting until the third browning. Had not heard of that before so I did the usual and read up on it.  So finally here is the question...


It is believed that harvesting after the third browning improves the Flavour and Aroma of the smoke but is there an increase or decrease in the THC levels in the main Trichomes?


The only reason I ask this is because I was looking at the Trich's on a head that I know was harvested after the First Browning (Hairs) and noticed that although the Trichomes on the hairs had browned, the Trichomes on the bud itself were a nice milky white. So does that mean that by the time the hairs have gone 3 cycles that the Bud Trichomes will be more amber and therefore be more stoney than high.


As always there are pictures... I'm calling them Garden of Eden, Brown Curl and Landscapes in Milk (Hey don't say I didn't tell you the question was strange) notice in the third one the clear delineation of the Trichomes between the bud and the hair in the background.


OK question asked time for another hit.  ;)






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