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hi tang,


thanks for your reply mate



forgot to point out its just one plant…..pics to show growth over november


forgot to say too that seed was from a mate


and its my first time with SSS


( lol stoner memory)




So far, that impressed reckon i'll grow this one out for its genetics no matter what

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hi tang, yehp happy days!


thanks billy. Yeah for sure mate - about a month ahead of where i usually am - reckon she'll be Lb+ if she don't flower early


hi ange, no, although i'm not into N starvation both plants collapsed on me last year & for some reason i wasn't happy to juice yellow leaves.

I did use popcorn & left over bud to make a glycerin tincture which works ok (not strong but there) & burns pretty well in an ecig. 

For glycerin overall i'd say OK….even good maybe….but not great.



So now that i'm (prity) sure the GG is a girl, its time for my backups to go :(


Had a bunch of little seedlings which were easy to kill

but i'm having trouble ripping this one. Didn't like her at first because she is trifoliate (my first), but she's really grown on me lately.

Interesting structure & more symmetrical/ visually appealing than i thought she'd be

(tho if i think about it, i clearly like all my girls short and dumpy  :D)


anyway struggling to do the deed…and its getting harder and harder every day!


post-53628-0-85028600-1418074441_thumb.jpg post-53628-0-59711700-1418074388_thumb.jpg


post-53628-0-82588700-1418074395_thumb.jpg post-53628-0-45222100-1418074415_thumb.jpg








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