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Just ordered the new 630watt d Papillon

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Well after lots of thought and research, I finally threw caution to the wind and ordered a 315 watt - 780 watt, variable power and colour temperature D Papillon


( see here ) 




I was up for a new set of bulbs for the the old HPS, so just felt if not now ...when. I will do a report and provide some shots when it arrives... I will be in the last weeks of flower so it will be good to see the transition and if there is a noticeable difference.


Here is a shot of the current system today. I will post the new system as soon as it arrives.





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Cheers for the link. I wish they'd make a bare vertical globe version.



The alternative I was looking at was using the new Lumatek 400v ballast with the Phillips Greenpower 400V/600W HPS Pro El   ( see here  http://glandorehydro.com/shop/globes/globe-400v-phillips-greenpower-600w-hps-pro-el/          http://glandorehydro.com/shop/ballasts/lumatek-ultimate-pro-600w-400v-ballast-kit-with-new-600w-400v-digital-hps-lamp/     )   I think this a good way to go if you are looking at vertical bulb...as it lets you use your current lamp set up.

It was line ball between these two systems... The convenience of the twin bulb fitting and price just tipped iot in favour of the CMH fitting... I was also keen to see if it stands up to the hype coming out of Europe.



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Not 100% pegz but I read somewhere that they had discontinued the retro fit bulb...as I said I could be wrong but recall reading about that on a Hydro forum.



Pretty much. You can still find the horizontal ones online but probably not the vertical, or it would be rare and not worth the hassle. It comes in 250-400w versions.

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