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Im still waiting on my PH metre which should arrive next week, however id like to prepare rockwool for my just split seeds, and i read that the PH of rockwool is around 8 due to Lime during the manufacturing process, and that i must measure PH'd water and soak the rockwool for 24hrs.


Is this really necessary? as im yet to obtain a PH metre should i just give the rockwool cubes a bath in bottled water and hope for the best? any household products i can add to lower the PH slightly?

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Cheers guys, ill try tap water with a couple of drops of lemon juice for now as i cant make it to bunnings today.


On the subject of seed propagation, im wondering is the PH related to gender as it is in humans? We all know Gender is determined by X and Y chromosomes carried by the males sperm but apparently a woman's monthly bodily cycle includes alternating pH levels (acidic and alkaline) within her reproductive tract. The changes in the pH environment within is now thought to affect baby's gender. Experts say that alkaline in the follicular fluid will favour Y sperm (conceive a boy) while acidic in the follicular fluid gives preference to the X sperm (conceive a girl).


Although plants reproduce in a completely different way, would it be odd to suggest that a plant would sway towards being female if the environment was more acidic?

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I believe the gender of a seed is predetermined and have seen no evidence to suggest otherwise.


I haven't seen any evidence of pH  during fertilisation affecting gender either.


Naycha :peace:


yeah your right, LOTS of articles on the internet, yet none provide actual evidence to the claims which is a downer.

Might be another interesting experienment to try out tho.


Regarding rockwool, why do people say to germinate / split the seeds using other methods (example paper towel method) and then transfer

to your planting medium (which for me is rockwool to start of with) wouldnt it make sense to simply plant the seeds directly in the rockwool to begin with, and when it sprouts transfer the whole rockwool square to my planting medium? or is their a decreased chance the seed will germinate if placed directly into the rockwool?

to the planting medium, rather than transfer

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Hey Bl0nd,

                 The genetics of the plant are already in the seed and rather than trying to manipulate the plant its much easier to just soak a couple of beans and once cracked plant them in your rockwool. Don't be too concerned about the pH of the rockwool. I'm more concern with the pH of the fluids I put in. I soak my beans on a piece of papertowel. Once they have cracked and have a 'tail' I plant them in my rockwool cube. Prior to planting I soak the cube in a 1/2 strength, Ph adjusted mix of veg nutes for 10 minutes. Once the cube is soaked, leaving it longer is really of no benefit. Even after being soaked I still squeeze the excess from the rockwool. Plant roots do need moisture, but the also need air. So saturating the cubes to the point that all of the air pockets are full can cause the roots to suffocate, encouraging root rot, so be aware.

For testing the pH I use the single drop solution into a test tube. It is very reliable. Unfortunately, I have spent 100's on electronic meters (x4) only to have them die or stuff up and give false readings, when for $10 I can get a dropper test that lasts me the whole crop.


I see you've done a heap of reading and got a lot of information, but its best to start with real basic rather than going the full on scientific route to start. Real basic being plant a seed, grow a plant. Learn about the plant. Once you've got the basics you can go about manipulating things, if you have the need. The plant will show you what it likes/dislikes if you can read the signs.



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I been growing indoor and outdoor for about 20 years now and never once have I checked ph level. feed plant as per instructions on bottle and no need to worry.

gardening is not rocket science, no need to make it harder than it should be.


cannabis: its only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind... cheech & chong (I think).


imo, germinating seeds on paper towels etc should be left to kindergarten kids growing bird seed. the less you touch a germinating seed, the less likely you are to kill it. how big are tweezers or your fingers compared to germinating seed?

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