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Will plants flower during Nov- Aug in SA!?

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i can't edit the title but i mean NOV-DEC.

Hello all, just joined here & got a question that has played on my mind..
i'm growing indoors BUT i have ran out of space...so...here's the question, if i take acouple of my plants outside which are abotu 2 weeks into flower will  will it continue to produce buds instead of revegging?, i'm guess they will receive about 13-14 hours light in south Australia but i have flowered outdoors early before with great success, i think i might keep em in the Hempy bucket which is 100% perlite, but please shed some light into the subject and sooner the better because i'm thinking about doing it this week, i guess it will be a learning experience either way but love advice, thanks all.  :yinyang:

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Im pretty sure that's too late for outdoor flowering, the rule i've been told is plant on fathers day (spring time) harvest on mothers day (autumn)


depending on strain you need shorter hour days for plants to flower most plants, i have no idea what the conditions are like in S.A but around nov-dec you are going to have some of the longest hottest days i don't think that's ideal.


your plants might reveg until the light starts to diminish again

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i'm guess they will receive about 13-14 hours light in south Australia

Bit longer than that... Adelaide's days are already 14 hrs, 40 mins long. In the southern half of the country, it's already a bit late for flowering outside, but hey that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go... at least you'll see what a light confused plant looks like.

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 But sun rises at 6am and is dark around 7:50pm, summer isn't for another 4 weeks, and even then it usually comes late...last time i did it was with outdoors in soil , had no problems what so ever! dense crystally nugs ,so have you got proof that what you say will happen ?, perhaps i just got lucky.


I don't intend to argue with you or provide you with proof, if you reckon it is going to work step away from the keyboard and go and do it.

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