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Going to flower

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Hey all, but of a potential dilemma here. Got a couple of plants going well, they are outside in full sun all day, one was under lights until about 4 weeks ago the other was started outside and kept out. They are looking happy and healthy, but noticed a couple of white hairs this morning. Now they look like they are certainly in flower. Both are white widow x big bud. I was hoping the one that came out from under lights wouldn't flick over to flower and it didn't, so perplexed now. What on earth is going on?? I did repot them 2 days ago, and the bigger one has rewarded me with a good 3 inches of new growth in the couple of days since. I was expecting a tree by the time it started flowering. I'm in Sydney, and have them out in the open for now so they get full sun all day. Will post pics soon.
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I get what you're saying merl1n, but it's only the last 2 days they have decided to start flowering. From first light to last light is 14.5 hours here, if they were going to go to flower I would have thought it would happen a month ago, when there was less light. I might grab a couple of solar lights to put next to them just to see if that helps.
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If I could I would, bear in mind that one of them was grown outdoors from seed so only one has had the light hours reduced a month ago, the other has had increasing light it's whole life. I even took half a dozen clones from the bigger one on Sunday!! BTW, even done outdoors I'm getting near 100% success with the cloning, only taken about half a dozen prior to those ones but they have all rooted, first season really trying my cloning techniques too.
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