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Best HPS and MH lamp thread

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Hi guys, I would like to hear from people that are into their light spectrums and outputs. I am looking for a new 600w HPS lamp to run, and also a 400w MH for grow.


I've looked at American videos like



Can any one suggest some 'out of the ordinary' options to look at?


Im thinking Hortilux, Gavita...




Kali the Killer

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Hey Kali,

Interesting video, some good info. One point I would make is that the yanks use 120v where we use 240v. Also I would be checking about Australian availability for some. Personally I have found the Philips Son-T Brand of bulbs to be a good quality bulb. There are some posts here regarding other people's experiences and from these reviews it is very obvious that not all bulbs are the same

Here's another post that might help.




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Hiya Merl1n,


Thank you for directing me to the other post.


The Americans do seem to have an abundant range of lamps that dont appear to be available here. I used to be of the persuasion that using 'standard' cheaper lamps and just replacing within 12 months of use was best, but now I see more sense in trying to find the best spectrums available at the same time, and compare the results over 12 months.


Anyone else give any recommendations?


Kali the Killer

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I don't really hold any of the good quality globes above each other but the low quality (cheap) globes really do underperform.


I wouldn't use a globe designed for magnetic ballasts with a digital ballast although I have done so in the past.


I'm currently using Solis Tek globes but haven't used them long enough to have an opinion on them.


Naycha :peace:

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back in the day it was all Sylvania Metal Halide's and Son-T-Agro's HPS than Lucalox came along with Sunmaster i nailed out some impressive grows with the Luca and SM bulbs side by side the Sunmaster gained the weight very late in flower the size came on fast and was more impressive over the Luca but i have to say the Lucalox was best all round bulb


at one stage i even tried out the SunMaster Metal Halide the warm colour lamp worked great in veg but unfortunatly i didnt flower with it


these days i see the Son-T and Luca have takin a back seat, Sunmaster are still around a bit for sale and mostly its all new brands these days just the cheapie chinese stuff being sold, but on the good side i see there conversion lamps (MH in HPS ballast) have takin off way back in the day the best ones were the 360w HPS on MH ballast were the go


when im up for changing bulbs ill hunt around for either the SunMaster and Lucalox, i see SunMaster has just changed the spectrum of these lamps so donno how they'd go these days but still worth a go

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