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Colombian Black - Bastard Series

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At Gage Green Group, we believe that our mission is to provide people with the finest genetics. Everybody who grows out our seeds can discover unique cannabis cuts to advance the diversity of the cannabis species. Some of the most famous cannabis strains in the world were discovered through careful breeding and selective testing. We are introducing a new line of seeds called the Bastards Series. We created this series using several different females (from stable indoor varieties like the Chemdawg Sour Diesel to outdoor landraces like the Colombian Black). We took each female and conducted an open-pollination using all the GGG males that were flowering at the time. That means that every pack will contain a unique combination of seeds from various males that have been used at GGG. Each seed is a unique bastard. Each pack has billions of phenotype possibilities.


These are in Searles seed raising mix at the moment and destined to go in the ground somewhere.


I'm really excited about these as I love pheno hunting and these could turn out anything. As you can see 4 out of the 6 are sativa dominant with the other 2 having more indica although I wouldn't yet go as far as saying indica dominant. I'm happy with that as I might get lucky and find something suitable for indoors with a nice sativa buzz. The 2 more indica phenos started off quite yellow and slow growing but they are starting to come good now.




Naycha :peace:

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awesome Naych, you know i will be watching this one. loving the look of those big sativa dom ones, looks like the columbian black is fairly dominant in the crosses.


theres a couple of nice Gage green males that i think could really make for a nice mix in there.



shit just looked at the date of the original post, those columbians must be huge by now

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