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Flowering, leaves shrivelling! HELP!


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Hey Guys


Currently Flowering an Afghan, Silver Haze, and Hindu Kush, grown in Coco, feeding Canna A+B, and have just started adding a PK supplement to boost flowering.


Yesterday, I noticed some of the top flowers' leaves were shrivelling. I though this could be cos they were too close too the light so I raised it. Although today, its look like its gotten worse.  The lower leaves seem to be OK though for now.


I just completely flushed all 3 plants out, thinking maybe a nutrient overdose or something, but does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Really dont wanna lose this crop!













Thanks for any help guys

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You did the right thing by rinsing and raising the light

questions for you


are the leaves dry as in crispy?

how much PK 13/14 did you feed them,

how many times have you used it

Did you mix in the other nutrients with the PK feed?


how big is the container that you are growing in? 

  • wondering if the roots need more room

When you water (fed) does it get on the leaves (splash back?)

  • I think I see burnt leaves from the residue of nutrients


How often are you watering/feeding?

  • in 100% coco you should not need to water more than every 7 days (but that goes back to the room the roots have)
  • watering coco too often brings bugs (gnats) gnats do damage to the roots and can mess the entire plant up in no time flat

Do you see any small flying things in/around your plants?

  • see above - watering

then again, you may have fixed the problem, just by rinsing and raising... just takes healing time to fix an error

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Hey guys


Container is 10L big. Used before with no problems.


I water every 1-2 days, but veyr lightly, and heavily every few days allowing plenty of run off.


No bugs or anything like that.


The leaves aren't dry or crispy, but have that wet grass smell to them


I just had another look and some of the lower leaves are experiencing it too. And its on all 3 plants


I just started giving the PK the other week, adding to my regular nutrients. I used to use Canna PK13/14, but I now am using a different brand which is cheaper and just as good according to my local store, and Australian made too. The instructions said 1-2mL with normal feed, or 10mL per L of water for a week with no other nutrients. I added about 10Ml/Litre with the other nutrients... I suspect I have given too much, and from some more reading, looks like nutrient burn. Browning leaves, then leaves curling. 


I flushed the plants out with pH'd water then gave them a light watering with just normal nutrients, not PK.


Should I Cut off the flowers and leaves at the top that look the worst, or should they bounce back? Is it worth increasing the lighting to maybe 18 hours for a few days to help it recover?

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Sounds like too much nutes was added . It's good to give them a heavy ph adjusted flush when things go sour just start them off light with nutes again and work your way up . and I wouldn't cut or pluck anything just let it die and I wouldn't change lights for longer as it looks like you are in flower. Edited by Stix87
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I have a theory that ya should never flush with plain or ph water, why would ya wanna starve an already stressed plants

So many different theories and opinions on watering regimes too. I have 200 mm pots with straight coco i am watering them every day about a litre to each pot and as they get a little bigger i will start watering/feeding twice a day,  I am  at about 1.5 EC and ph 6


 I would really flush well with EC1.2 ph about 6


u havent mentioned what ec and ph u are running do u have a meter?


Also dont go back to 18/6 or you will send them back into veg



I think thats about my 2 bobs worth

good luck sorting it




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I dont have an EC, I've just followed Canna's recommendations and had no problem. I pH between 5.8 and 6.1, mostly around 5.9


I would say there is half ur problem right there,in hydro you live or die by ur nutes

you can get a cheap one from ebay for about $13 anywhere up to about $100 (I am using a $13 one) at least you know exactly wat ur giving them and you can also check ur run off

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