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Canna Terra Professional

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terra is pretty dense, very similar to a heavy potting mix, good to mix it with perlite. Bear in mingd it is not inert, it has stuff in it so you have to watch your ec and salt bulid up. I beleive it really was designed to be used specifically with canna Terra Nutrients . Ive not seen anyone i know actually use the nutrient though, they just use coco nutes with it

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That diary is Canna Terra Pro from start to finish using Canna Terra nutes (except the seeds began in rockwool cubes).


Holds moisture well, is noticeably slower than hydroponic mediums. Is very easy to use once you get used to how often to water, I was overwatering for a while.


Naycha :peace:

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using it now for my current grow and for my 1st, also grew monster basil in it too :D





very easy to use straight out of the bag, watering every 3-4 days. good beginner medium, only thing i've noticed if you leave if dry out too much it gets hard to absorb water again some will just drain though dry medium.


i put a layer of clay balls at the bottom of the pots also to help with drainage.


i've never used coco so i can't really say, but the advantage i see from a lot of posts is you don't have to wash crappy bricks or soak / mix / adjust the ph like you do with the coco, you can use terra straight out of the bag.

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Cheers guys for the info, looks like good stuff but I'm sticking with coco/perlite for now as you get twice as much for the money and I'm used to it.


Holds moisture well, is noticeably slower than hydroponic mediums.


Yeah I wondered about that.


Do you feel like the plant got anything out of it that hydro didn't give?

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I haven't grown those plants before so can't directly compare but I'm not impressed with it enough to stick with it.


I still enjoyed using it and would recommend it to newer growers or those who aren't in any rush.


It probably would perform better once I got more used to it also.


Naycha :peace:

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