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Personally, I'm not too concerned about the odd anther or seed appearing towards the end of flowering... it is a normal plant reaction to approaching senescence without being pollinated and really doesn't change the characteristics of the bud or the yeild in any significant manner.


And I am wondering how much care these plants got while you were away? Seeing your other post on Hubby's ability to care for plants... these probably experienced stressors that they wouldn't have experienced had you been home to tend the garden.

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they have definitely been stressed... that is what I am thinking (hoping) caused it.

A seed has been found in each of the plants he was left in charge of.

The plants were watered, but no 'loving' was given as only a true canna cultivator can do that.


Normal? Cool... it is a first for me (well in recent memory, and my memory sucks). Maybe I will continue to grow her...


EDIT: spelling

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If there aren't a lot of bananas Matti it could be just self seeding. If that is the case then those seeds should/could be females.


Hiya MT, Brick... I just quoted this one cos I have had the same thing happen this run MT, and brick cheers for that snippet of knowledge.  The plants have been stressed by some mite(age) and cramped conditions and I found 4 (5?) seeds in a sampler...they are sprouted and potted now...would they tend to hermie do ya think? F seeds?  Interesting!


Peace . f :sun:

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