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A few Documentaries on Weed


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Can't say I like the greenhouse seeds guys.  They're going around the world and trading seeds which sounds cool but its messed up.  The strains they're getting are far less commercially viable than the ones they're giving the farmers so they'll cross breed or outright only grow the commercial stuff from then on.  Not all will but you can be lots will which will be devastating for the gene pool at large and the only ones who'll have the originals will be greenhouse seeds.  Screw those guys.

..reckon shanti will always have the authentic mrnice genetics...yeah yeah got a bit of a crush lol

Peace. v :sun:

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They're going to remote areas where the genetics are likely to be untainted,  grabbing tons of seeds and then leaving behind tons of their stuff.  They act like they're doing them a favour by leaving behind their genetics because they depend on commercial cultivation for survival but the reality is they're creating the very problem that's forced them to seek out such remote places.  The villagers will grow what makes them the most money so the gene pool will suffer over time just like everywhere else and they're doing everything they can to ensure that happens including giving out packs of seeds to school aged children so they can hook multiple generations to westernised strains.  They know full well what they're doing as it's their business model.  They're hoping these docos serve as proof of collection of strains thought to be extinct in the wild so they can use the names to make money.  It's both brilliant and the worst thing to happen to cannabis since the war on drugs begun.  Screw those guys...


You're right, they're collecting purity and trashing the place as they go, in an attempt to become billionairres when the prohibition is lifted.


I don't think that it will work though - when the prohibition is lifted, it will be new strains that become the most sought after, not landraces.


As the industry develops, strain selection will become a mathematical function - you'll have a machine that will tell you what level and proportion of the 60 odd cannabinoids are in a particular strain, and you will select a strain with that profile, in a form that will grow in your environment, according to your farming model, with the yield that you want.


Their model is flawed. Land races aren't as important as many would like to believe, especially with a hardy plant that can be cloned. This isn't like breeding horses - cloneability, fast production time, easy strain selection, effective genetic analysis tools etc

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i agree mate,  raping the poor buggars seeds then selling them for crazy prices and the poor old farmer sees none of it, if anything they should be working side by side with these communities to improve and nurture them as they are some of the most isolated and poor people on the planet..., if people knew they were getting a fair cut and their genetics werent being tainted, i dont think people would mind paying the prices...but its certainly a tag i would prefer not to have as a company....sad

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